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1. A member of the municipal legislative body in a town or city in many jurisdictions.
2. A member of the higher branch of the municipal or borough council in England and Ireland before 1974.
a. A noble of high rank or authority in Anglo-Saxon England.
b. The chief officer of a shire in Anglo-Saxon England.

[Middle English, a person of high rank, from Old English ealdorman : ealdor, elder, chief (from eald, old; see al- in Indo-European roots) + man, man; see man.]

al′der·man·cy (-sē) n.
al′der·man′ic (-măn′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.aldermanic - of or relating to or like an aldermanaldermanic - of or relating to or like an alderman
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The delighted community rose as one man and applauded; and when the twins were asked to stand for seats in the forthcoming aldermanic board, and consented, the public contentment was rounded and complete.
Thorough, to say the least, as the document features more than a dozen pages with details of property agreements, aldermanic votes, of deaths and other happenings in town.
Consider the following representative example: "As he took the stand in the Aldermanic Chamber of City Hall, the slender George Perkins, with his youthful, innocent face and hair neatly parted in the middle like a schoolboy, appeared no match for the tall, broad-shouldered, stern-looking lead investigator for the Armstrong Committee, Charles Evans Hughes."
This broad authority to experiment in government form, with relatively few strings, stands in stark contrast to the five forms of government rigidly structured in statute--Board of Trustees, Commissioner, City Manager-Commissioner, Aldermanic, City Manager-Aldermanic.
26 election, the Triibe published in-depth interviews exclusively with the black mayoral candidates, with a focus on issues that most affect Chicago's black community, The Triibe also covered the aldermanic race, analyzing the records of the members of Chicago's Black Caucus.
An annual revaluation compiled by the Milwaukee City Assessors Office shows that total property values have increased in each of the city's aldermanic districts.
In Nashua, young Democrats swept out incumbent Republicans to give Democratic Mayor Jim Donchess solid support from his own party on the aldermanic board.
Alderman TJ Kerrigan protested about the condition of his aldermanic gown, which was without a collar.
for his aldermanic remuneration of $25 a month, declaring to his astonished wife 'I was elected to serve the people and I can only do that properly working full time.')"
Lacking any more sophisticated way to allocate new growth, each member takes the safest path of observing an ironclad rule of "aldermanic privilege" under which everyone defers to the preferences of each member regarding land use in that member's district.
No fewer than onethird of the 50 wards aldermanic elections are also up for a runoff in the April 6 elections.