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A woman who is a member of the municipal legislative body in a town or city in many jurisdictions.


n, pl -women
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in England and Wales until 1974) one of the senior female members of a local council, elected by other councillors
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the US, Canada, Australia, etc) a female member of the governing body of a municipality


(ˈɔl dərˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
a woman who is a member of a municipal legislative body, esp. of a municipal council.
usage: See -woman.
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Alderwoman Milele Coggs took a screenshot of the email and posted it on social mediaon Tuesday morning.
You got a governor who is probably looking to his next move, so he has got to play to his base," said Sarah Wood Martin, a St Louis alderwoman.
Sarah was also just elected Alderwoman of the 11th ward of the City of St.
I am pleased to see the Chicago Rail Link and OmniTRAX commitment to safety in our area, said Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza, 10th Ward.
Honorary Alderman or Honorary Alderwoman can attend and take part in civic ceremonies but do not have the right to attend meetings other than as a member of the public, or receive any allowances.
Russellville Alderwoman Freddie Harris about how tax money is being spent at the Arkansas Valley Alliance for Economic Development Inc.
It's only fair," the measure's co-sponsor, District 18 Alderwoman Anita Weier, said.
Gutteridge helped to organize a strike of women laundry workers in 1918 and became Vancouver's first female alderwoman in 1937.
Milford Alderwoman Greta Stanford said the school would remain closed Monday.
Smith, Homosexual Rights Debate Looms in Albany: Alderwoman Seeks to Amend Anti-Bias Laws, ALBANY TIMES UNION (Mar.
According to the Washington Post, candidates for Jackson's old seat include his wife, Chicago Alderwoman Sandi Jackson (D), Cook County Chief Administration Officer Robin Kelly (D), state senator Toi Hutchinson (D), and state senator Napoleon Harris (D), who's also a former NFL player.
Mrs Wright, who came to Coventry from a Durham mining community and served on the council for 16 years until 2002, including Lord Mayor for the new Millennium year, rejected the genderised variation of "honorary alderwoman.