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 (ăl′dôl′, -dōl′, -dŏl′)
1. A thick, colorless to pale yellow liquid, C4H8O2, obtained from acetaldehyde and used in perfumery and as a solvent.
2. An organic compound containing an alcohol and a carbonyl group, especially a beta-hydroxy aldehyde.
3. A chemical reaction that produces a beta-hydroxy carbonyl compound as an intermediate or final product.


1. (Elements & Compounds) a colourless or yellowish oily liquid, miscible with water, used in the manufacture of rubber accelerators, as an organic solvent, in perfume, and as a hypnotic and sedative. Formula: CH3CHOHCH2CHO. Systematic name: 3-hydroxybutanal
2. (Elements & Compounds) any organic compound containing the functional group -CHOHCH2CHO
3. (Chemistry) (modifier) consisting of, containing, or concerned with the group -CHOHCH2CHO: aldol group or radical; aldol reaction.
[C19: from ald(ehyde) + -ol1]


(ˈæl dɔl, -dɒl)

a colorless, syrupy, water-soluble liquid, C4H8O2, used chiefly in the manufacture of rubber vulcanizers and accelerators, and in perfumery.
[1870–75; ald(ehyde) + -ol1]
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Noun1.aldol - an oily colorless liquid obtained by the condensation of two molecules of acetaldehydealdol - an oily colorless liquid obtained by the condensation of two molecules of acetaldehyde; contains an alcohol group (-OH) and an aldehyde group (-CHO)
acetaldol - unsaturated aldol
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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These shared reactions include aldol additions, which bring new source molecules into the cycles, as well as beta and oxidative decarboxylations, which release the molecules as carbon dioxide (CO2) which is an integral gas to early atmosphere formation.
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Furfural and acetone can be converted into furfuralacetone by an aldol condensation [34] which is then hydrogenated into 4-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)-2-butanol (THFA).
The paradigm proposed herein for the exploitation of vinyl cations will also open up new vistas in the centuries-old aldol reaction and in amination chemistry.
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