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The paradigm proposed herein for the exploitation of vinyl cations will also open up new vistas in the centuries-old aldol reaction and in amination chemistry.
The aldol reaction is one of the mostimportant carbon-carbon bond forming reactions in modern organic synthesis as a key step in natural product synthesis and for the rapid access to polyoxygenated compounds.
The synthesis of 1 started from an anti-selective asymmetric aldol reaction (37) between silyl enol ether 2 and aldehyde 3 to set the two stereocenters at C4 and C5 of 4 (Fig.
Extending the coverage of its predecessor, Modern Aldo Reactions, this reference focuses on the latest developments and offers new tools for use of the aldol reaction in the development of natural products and pharmaceuticals.
Moreover, PEG is inexpensive, easy to handle, thermally stable, non-toxic, and recyclable in various organic transformations [21], such as for example, Heck reaction [22], catalytic hydrogenations [23], asymmetric dihydroxylation reaction [24], Baylis-Hillman reaction [25], Biginelli reaction [26], Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, Stille cross-coupling reaction [27], Wacker reaction [28] and asymmetric aldol reaction [29].
A recent communication from the Journal of Organic Chemistry describing an asymmetric, biologically-catalyzed aldol reaction was used as the basis for this study.
Triacetone alcohol and semiphorone undergo retrograde aldol reaction catalyzed by carbonaceous residues adhering to the surface of the injector port of the gas chromatograph during GC-MS analysis.