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Noun1.ale drinker - someone whose favorite drink is beer or aleale drinker - someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale
imbiber, juicer, toper, drinker - a person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess)
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A nation of ginger ale drinkers would be doomed before they reached the second generation.
However, every cask ale drinker will wish to celebrate the official Cask Ale Week.
With a promise to always have something a little different to hand the more discerning and inquisitive ale drinker is sure to find something a little diverse to whet their appetites.
It's a great tune and I'm an ale drinker myself, so we thought why not?
Enhance credibility of sales pitches by better understanding the needs of the real and craft ale drinker
The Bass Pale Ale drinker is one who is focused on accomplishment in all aspects of his life.
1% beer called The Governor because I wanted it to appeal to the younger ale drinker.
Using the strapline 'The not so traditional ale', they are intended to appeal to drinkers in their 30s rather than the typical older ale drinker.
The stereotypical ale drinker might be middle-aged and balding and wear a knitted sweater, but it's never a good idea to pay too much attention to stereotypes.
Tasting notes for the beers are available in A5 full-colour booklets on the bar - a nice touch that adds some interesting information for the real ale drinker.
TOON TIPPLE: A Brown Ale drinker from the 50s and, above, today's modern image
With an industry award already to its name this product is sure to do well with the real ale drinker.