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1. An apparatus consisting of two vessels connected by a tube, formerly used for distilling liquids.
2. A device that purifies or alters by a process comparable to distillation.

[Middle English alambic, from Old French, from Medieval Latin alembicus, from Arabic al-'anbīq : al-, the + 'anbīq, still (from Greek ambix, cup).]


1. (Chemistry) an obsolete type of retort used for distillation
2. anything that distils or purifies
[C14: from Medieval Latin alembicum, from Arabic al-anbīq the still, from Greek ambix cup]


(əˈlɛm bɪk)

1. a vessel with a beaked cap or head, formerly used in distilling.
2. anything that transforms, purifies, or refines.
[1350–1400; Middle English, variant of alambic < Medieval Latin alambicus < dial. Arabic al the + anbīq still < Greek ámbix cup]
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Noun1.alembic - an obsolete kind of container used for distillationalembic - an obsolete kind of container used for distillation; two retorts connected by a tube
retort - a vessel where substances are distilled or decomposed by heat
References in classic literature ?
The venerable Isaac is subjected to an alembic, which will distil from him all he holds dear, without any assistance from my requests or thy entreaty.
Her father," continued Baglioni, "was not restrained by natural affection from offering up his child in this horrible manner as the victim of his insane zeal for science; for, let us do him justice, he is as true a man of science as ever distilled his own heart in an alembic.
You shall come when you will," he continued, turning to Tourangeau, "I will show you the little parcels of gold which remained at the bottom of Nicholas Flamel's alembic, and you shall compare them with the gold of Guillaume de Paris.
One by one his worlds evaporated, rose beyond his vision as vapours in the hot alembic of the sun, sank for ever beneath sea-levels, themselves unreal and passing as the phantoms of a dream.
The meat of them has been transmuted in the alembic of Martin Eden's mind and poured into 'The Shame of the Sun,' and one day Martin Eden will be famous, and not the least of his fame will rest upon that work.
Have you really measured the world by scrutinies, or through alembics and crucibles?
The stories kind of revolve around their very different style of crime solving; Alembic is tough and methodical, Stone is more unorthodox and thinks more cryptically.
The company has additional skills covering SAP R/3, businessware, portals and CRM for the manufacturing, construction, healthcare and retail sectors where it counts NIIT, Sony, IBM, Sansui, Lloyds Steel, Alembic Chemicals, Bouche, Kenstar, and AC Nielsen among its customers.
Everywhere I go I tell folks about Ange's classic collection of spirituals, Let My People Go (accompanied by Don Mayberry on bass; Alembic Arts).
ABP") announced today that it has entered into a development and license agreement with Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited of Gujarat, India to develop new brand products that will use ABP's innovative Accu-Break[TM] tablet technologies.
Reddy's Laboratories Other Prominent Vendors -- Anuh Pharma -- Alembic Pharmaceuticals -- A.
Hassan Ahmed, a chemical industry analyst with Alembic Global Advisors, said the results should "allay investor concerns" that LyondellBasell's stock is overvalued.