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 (ä-lûr′sĕ, -sā)
1. A large, long-lived coniferous evergreen tree (Fitzroya cupressoides) native to the temperate rainforests of southern Chile and neighboring parts of Argentina.
2. The reddish-brown wood of this tree.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, larch, from Arabic al-'arz, the cedar (influenced in meaning by Latin larix) : al-, the + 'arz, cedar; see ʔrz in Semitic roots.]
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(əˈlɜːs; æˈlɜːsɪ)
1. (Forestry) the wood of the sandarac tree
2. (Plants) a cupressus-like Chilean pine, Fitzroya cupressoides, cut for timber
[Spanish: larch, from Latin larix, influenced by Arabic al-arz]
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On the higher parts, brushwood takes the place of larger trees, with here and there a red cedar or an alerce pine.
Futaleufu, Parque Nacional Los Alerces, sobre corteza de N.
En el area de estudio, comprendida entre el limite sur del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi y el limite norte del Parque Nacional Los Alerces y entre la frontera con Chile y el meridiano de 71[grados]O (Figura 1), el gradiente de precipitaciones y el relieve determinan el desarrollo de distintas configuraciones de vegetacion.
Regarding habitat use, Schiaffini and Vila (2012) registered the presence of wild boar signs through transects along an altitudinal gradient (from 300 to 1200 m elevation) at Los Alerces National Park (LANP, 42[grados]50' S, 71[grados]52' W).
Los Alerces Mayor Daniel Crosta said that the fire was 4.5 kilometers in a direct line from the Larches National Park, one of the jewels of the South American country because it is home to millenary larch trees.
Starting in Gaiman, regarded as the most eminently Welsh of the area's settlements, he will visit Los Alerces National Park in the foothills of the Andes, Nant y Fall waterfalls, and a Welsh tea house called Tye Nain at nearby Trevelin.
Tambien agradecemos a los Intendentes y personal de los Parques Nacionales argentinos de Los Glaciares, Tierra del Fuego, Los Alerces, Arrayanes, Nahuel-Huapi, Lago Puelo y Lanin, por facilitarnos el acceso a los mismos y proporcionarnos toda la ayuda material solicitada.