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 (ăl′yə-rōn′) also a·leu·ron (-rŏn′)
The protein-rich outermost layer of the endosperm of certain seeds, especially cereal grains.

[From Greek aleuron, meal.]

al′eu·ron′ic (-rŏn′ĭk) adj.


related to the aleurone layer
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Adj.1.aleuronic - of or related to aleuronealeuronic - of or related to aleurone    
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Moreover, GA3 de novo synthesis in the scutellum, release of hydrolases in the aleuronic layer, and its transport to the endosperm are also regulated by Ca2+ (Srivastava, 2002).
The external water especially the rains once imbibed into the epidermic cells of seed, the a- amylase will be activated in the aleuronic layer and then the seeds will be germinated.
Thus, the by-product of the wheat milling, such as germ, aleuronic layer and bran, can be employed in the manufacture of pasta to improve its nutritional content [5].