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A newly hatched salmon or trout that is still attached to the yolk sac.

[French, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *adlevīmen, alteration (influenced by Latin nūtrīmen, nourishment) of Vulgar Latin *adlevāmen, from *adlevāre, to raise (a child, an animal), alteration (influenced by Late Latin ēlevāre, to raise (a child, an animal)) of Latin allevāre, to lift up : ad-, al-, ad- + levāre, to lift, raise; see lever.]
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(Animals) a young fish, esp a young salmon or trout
[C19: from French, from Old French alever to rear (young), from Latin levāre to raise]
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The brood stock centre is a first step in the Hebridean aquaculture, part nature and part science lab, and a massive hall of green tanks where millions of alevins turn to fry, swirling around against the tide in clear fresh water.
Which fish can be alevins, parr, smolts and grilse at various stages in their life cycle?
In a study of the closely related Trout Perch (Percopsis omiscomaycus), Magnuson (1958) estimated that 4 d were required after hatching for alevins to absorb their yolk sac, and about 35 d at 11.1[degrees]C to grow to 15 mm, the size we believe they were recruited to our seine.
S'y ajoutent les alevins de poissons et les larves des autres animaux ainsi que les naissains de coquillage.
La Direction de la peche et des ressources halieutiques de la wilaya de Setif a reussi, hier, le transfert de plus de 450.000 alevins de jeunes carpes chinoises de l'ecloserie d'El Ouricia de la retenue collinaire Ziyari, vers le barrage de Timgad, dans la wilaya de Batna.
Vilchez, "Supplementation of maca (Lepidium meyenii) tuber meal in diets improves growth rate and survival of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum) alevins and juveniles, " Aquaculture Research, vol.
Effect of photoperiod on growth and efficiency of yolk-sac utilization in alevins of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).
They observe the life cycle of the trout as the eggs hatch and grow to become yolk-carrying alevins, then fry, then fingerlings.