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1. A branch of mathematics in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent numbers or members of a specified set and are used to represent quantities and to express general relationships that hold for all members of the set.
2. A set together with a pair of binary operations defined on the set. Usually, the set and the operations simultaneously form both a ring and a module.

[Middle English, bone-setting, and Italian, algebra, both from Medieval Latin, from Arabic al-jabr (wa-l-muqābala), the restoration (and the compensation), addition (and subtraction) : al-, the + jabr, bone-setting, restoration (from jabara, to set (bones), force, restore; see gpr in Semitic roots).]

al′ge·bra′ist (-brā′ĭst) n.
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Noun1.algebraist - a mathematician whose specialty is algebraalgebraist - a mathematician whose specialty is algebra
mathematician - a person skilled in mathematics
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(8) When algebraist William Oughtred in 1631 rhapsodically recounts the eclaircissementhe enjoyed as he developed notational means of expressing geometric concepts, he sounds much like the poet in Paradise Lost dismissing his self-pity at the loss of literal eyesight because he has found a much more far-reaching sight of the mind.
algebraist. After the war he retrained himself in statistics and entered the field of OR, first working at the Pentagon, in the navy's Operational Evaluations Group, then back at Princeton, working with John Tukey and others, and eventually at Westinghouse.
But Whitehead is an algebraist and the question in the back of his head is the one of the bare necessity of symbolism.
In his late writings, he appears to be more ambitious of the character of an algebraist, than of a musician of genius." (6)
An important step in proving the Abel-Ruffini Theorem is to check that any permutation from S5 can be realized as the monodromy of [phi]: [summation] [right arrow] along an appropriate loop [gamma] in n (an algebraist would say: "S5 is the Galois group of a generic equation [z.sup.5] - z + p = 0").
An algebraist, topologist and associate professor of mathematics, Kimber also grooms the next generation of STEM professionals as director of Lafayette s six-week Summer Program to Advance Leadership (SPAL), which allows incoming freshmen from underrepresented minority groups to get a jump-start on college life by arriving on campus early.
Cardano was the best algebraist of his age, but his algebra was still rhetorical.
"I usually have several on the go - right now I'm reading The Algebraist, by lain M Banks, Life's a Pitch, by Bayley & Mavity - and The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin.
Nevertheless, we do not fault her study for we think she defined them to apply them to some life problems as an applied algebraist.
This collection of works includes published papers as well as manuscripts prepared by the eminent algebraist Kaljulaid (late mathematics, U.
At first, letters stood plainly for numbers, so an algebraist could solve a problem in a general way, then answer a specific question by plugging in actual values.