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Sexual gratification derived from inflicting or experiencing pain.

[New Latin : algo- + Greek lagneia, lust (from lagnos, lustful; see slēg- in Indo-European roots).]

al′go·lag′nic adj.
al′go·lag′nist n.


(Psychiatry) a perversion in which sexual pleasure is gained from the experience or infliction of pain. See also sadism, masochism
[from German Algolagnie, from Greek algos pain + lagneiā lust]
ˌalgoˈlagnic adj
ˌalgoˈlagnist n


(ˌæl gəˈlæg ni ə)

sexual pleasure derived from enduring or inflicting pain, as in masochism or sadism.
[1900–05; < German Algolagnie=algo- algo- + -lagnie < Greek lagneía lust]
al`go•lag′nic, adj.
al`go•lag′nist, n.


a deriving of sexual pleasure from inflicting or enduring pain. Cf. masochism, sadism. — algolagnist, n. — algolagnic, adj.
See also: Pain
the finding of sexual pleasure in suffering or inflicting physical pain; sadomasochism. — algolagnist, n. — algolagnic, adj.
See also: Sex
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Noun1.algolagnia - sexual pleasure derived from inflicting or experiencing pain
sexual pleasure - pleasure derived from sexual activities
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