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Sexual gratification derived from inflicting or experiencing pain.

[New Latin : algo- + Greek lagneia, lust (from lagnos, lustful; see slēg- in Indo-European roots).]

al′go·lag′nic adj.
al′go·lag′nist n.


(Psychiatry) a perversion in which sexual pleasure is gained from the experience or infliction of pain. See also sadism, masochism
[from German Algolagnie, from Greek algos pain + lagneiā lust]
ˌalgoˈlagnic adj
ˌalgoˈlagnist n


(ˌæl gəˈlæg ni ə)

sexual pleasure derived from enduring or inflicting pain, as in masochism or sadism.
[1900–05; < German Algolagnie=algo- algo- + -lagnie < Greek lagneía lust]
al`go•lag′nic, adj.
al`go•lag′nist, n.


a deriving of sexual pleasure from inflicting or enduring pain. Cf. masochism, sadism. — algolagnist, n. — algolagnic, adj.
See also: Pain
the finding of sexual pleasure in suffering or inflicting physical pain; sadomasochism. — algolagnist, n. — algolagnic, adj.
See also: Sex
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Noun1.algolagnia - sexual pleasure derived from inflicting or experiencing pain
sexual pleasure - pleasure derived from sexual activities
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The Silver and Brazen Ages between them tell the story of the birth, triumphs, and death of Hercules, but continue the same episodic admixture of bloodshed, amours, and algolagnia, including the adventures of Bellerophon and Perseus, and Jason and the Argonauts, alongside Jupiter's seductions of Alcmena and of Semele, together with Venus's attempts on Adonis and her affair with Mars, and the rape of Persephone.
Otros autores prefieren denominarlo algolagnia, nombre que hace resaltar el placer de causar dolor, la crueldad, mientras que el nombre escogido por Krafft-Ebing acentua, o pone en primer termino, el placer de sufrir toda clase de humillaciones y sometimientos.