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Adj.1.algometric - of or related to algometry
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(11) During algometric studies, tender point (TP) measurements were performed according to 18 TPs defined by the American College of Rheumatology 1990 FS classification criteria, (12) whereas the control point measurements were carried out bilaterally at the thumb nail and midpoint of the forearm volar surface.
Pain (VAS), NTP, (2007) [16] algometric score, FIQ, BDI, serum PGE2, LTB4, and IL-1 levels Armagan et al.
Downes, "Reliability of clinical pressure-pain algometric measurement obtained on consecutive days," Physical Therapy, vol.
The threshold was measured by "algometric total scores" and had an accuracy of [eighty-five point seven percent] in comparing fibromyalgia patient thresholds to those of the healthy controls, which allowed for increased accuracy in diagnosis." Id.
Downes, "Reliability of clinical pressure-pain algometric measurements obtained on consecutive days," Physical Therapy, vol.
Many algometric scales have been introduced as a tool to recognize neonatal pain, both acute and chronic.
Assessment of muscle tenderness (Algometric measures): Sensitivities of upper trapezius and cervical paravertebral muscles (pain thresholds) were measured with a commander algometer (JTECH Medical, Midvale, UT, USA).
Table 3 presents the mean values, standard deviation, and p value of the algometric evaluation of the cervical muscles obtained in the participants' evaluation with and without the diagnosis of TMD.
According to the findings of this study, algometric values reached their lowest values after 48 hrs, demonstrating that peak pressure-induced pain occurred two days after exercise, irrespective of the application of cryotherapy or laser therapy.
In each algometric assessment, we tested PPT at two different sites with 2 centimeters distance from each other at lateral epicondyle (site of maximal tenderness) and the mean of two values was considered as pain threshold.