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Noun1.algorithmic rule - a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problemalgorithmic rule - a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem
formula, rule - (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems; "he determined the upper bound with Descartes' rule of signs"; "he gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials"
sorting algorithm - an algorithm for sorting a list
stemming algorithm, stemmer - an algorithm for removing inflectional and derivational endings in order to reduce word forms to a common stem
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The bench mark issues planned by Taillard [17] are tested against the meta-heuristic technique by Effective genetic algorithmic rule (EGA).
More than this, I will identify the precise motion cues to which they attend, settling longstanding questions on the extent to which guidance emerges from simple algorithmic rules versus state feedback and estimation, with wider implications for our understanding of avian perception.
By instituting automated algorithmic rules that check for the problems listed above and many more, semiconductor companies can reduce RMAs by 50%, with negligible impact on product yield or overall test time.
A multiple-response analysis was performed to define the classification of dairy farms into qualified, averaged and unqualified, which were established by algorithmic rules within each set of parameters.
Through our customers, we've learned that, extending the Real-Time Identification API algorithmic rules and creating simple user-defined threshold settings, helps better align sales and marketing departments by automating data flow, and enables quicker closing rates and more lead conversions.

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