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 (ā′lē-ə-sĭng, āl′yə-)
1. Visible or audible distortion introduced into digital information, such as images or audio signals, caused when a continuous line or transition is not smoothly captured or represented because of the low resolution or sampling rate of a digital medium.
2. The appearance of jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines in computer graphics.


(Broadcasting) radio television the error in a vision or sound signal arising from limitations in the system that generates or processes the signal


(ˈeɪ li ə sɪŋ)


The distortion of graphic elements on a computer screen. See also jaggies.
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One point of caution is signal aliasing. There are both new pitfalls to watch out for and new tools that can prevent aliased signal components from corrupting your data.
The first level of protection against aliasing is to have a memory system that preserves high sampling rate on as many timebases as possible.
However, data flow analysis for programs written in languages with dynamically allocated data structures, such as C, C++, Fortran 90, Java, and LISP, is more challenging because of pointer-induced aliasing, which occurs when two or more pointer expressions refer to the same storage location.
Pointer induced aliasing: A problem classification.