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 (ăl′yə-nə-bəl, ā′lē-ə-)
Transferrable to the ownership of another.

al′ien·a·bil′i·ty n.
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The possibility of asymmetric alienability has not yet been recognized in the literature on commodification.
(110) If ESI is a user's property, the user retains an interest in it and is able to control its alienability. (111) This argument has intuitive appeal: just because another party has access or possession over the user's property does not necessarily mean that the user no longer owns that property.
Among the topics are Suarez's metaphysics of cognitive acts, religious freedom and international law, settling law: his theory of custom for contemporary contexts, whether he was an absolutist or a constitutionalist, separated soul and its nature: Suarez in the scholastic debate, and Suarez and John Locke on rights and alienability: a critical conversation.
Using standard economic concepts, Stolz distinguishes the goods based on their exclusivity, alienability, divisibility, and transferability.
Marketability and alienability were similarly rejected in favor of fixing the land and binding farmers to it.
Although alienability can be a tool for exploitation, unwanted
Object status suggests easier alienability, an absence of communication and strong fluctuations in interaction over time.
Krupp noted that some of the arguments of the defendant LLCs "miss the mark or would only incompletely resolve the case."<br />However, he found compelling their argument rooted in the strong public policy against unreasonably long restrictions on the alienability of land under state law.<br />Krupp's decision ultimately came down to which of the parties' Supreme Judicial Court precedents controlled the matter before him, Roberts v.
After briefly reviewing the significance of the human capital stock, this paper will offer three claims related to Piketty's book: First, that contrary to Piketty's view, the alienability of capital is not a requirement for the consideration of a species of capital in an analysis of capital or the fundamental laws of capitalism.
An Areal-Linguistic Study of Alienability Correlation and Related Phenomena in the Languages of Europe, Amsterdam--Philadelphia (Studies in Language Companion Series 101).
In addition, there are restrictions imposed on the alienability of membership interests in LLCs, as the only transferable interest is the member's share of the profits and losses and the right to receive distributions, and the default rule is that the assignment of a membership interest does not allow the assignee to participate in the management of the LLC or become a member.
Moreover, there are juxtapositions between the notion of objects, the absence of life/agency and alienability. Because things are thought of as inanimate, they are also thought of as alienable.