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 (āl′yə-nôr′, ā′lē-ə-)
One that transfers ownership of property to another.
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(ˈeɪljənə; ˈeɪlɪə-)
(Law) law a person who transfers property to another
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(ˈeɪl yə nər, ˈeɪ li ə-, ˌeɪl yəˈnɔr, ˌeɪ li ə-)

also al•ien•er

(ˈeɪl yə nər, ˈeɪ li ə-)

n. Law.
a person who transfers property.
[1545–55; < Anglo-French alienour < Late Latin aliēnātor. See alienate, -tor]
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Noun1.alienor - someone from whom the title of property is transferred
grantor - a person who makes a grant in legal form; "conveyed from grantor to grantee"
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