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 (ā′lə-fôrm′, ăl′ə-)
adj. Biology
Shaped like a wing; alar.

[Latin āla, wing + -form.]


(ˈælɪˌfɔːm; ˈeɪlɪ-)
wing-shaped; alar
[C19: from New Latin āliformis, from Latin āla a wing]
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Adj.1.aliform - having or resembling wingsaliform - having or resembling wings    
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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spdl, posterior spinodiapophyseal lamina; prdl, prezygodiapophyseal lamina; pre, prezygapophysis; prpl, prezygoparapophyseal lamina; spol, spinopostzygapophyseal lamina; sprl, spinoprezygapophyseal lamina; sut, suture line; tia, tibial articulation; tap, triangular aliform process; vh, ventral hollow; vlc, ventrolateral crest.
In spite of these similarities, Amphiuma vertebrae (and the fossils) differ from those of Siren and Pseudobranchus in having less extensive alar processes, lacking widely diverged aliform processes, having postzygapophyseal crests, and in having differently positioned transverse processes.
pugaporcinus in the form of the prostomium and peristomium, the general shape of region A, the presence of aliform notopodia in segment B1, the development of an accessory feeding organ, and the relative size and shape of segments in region B and C (Irvine et al.
Aliform Publishing in Minneapolis has issued over a dozen English-language translations in the last few years, mostly of Latin American writers, although there is a scattering of Portuguese-language ones as well, but from Portugal rather than Brazil.
The characters diagnostic of Duabanga wood are: diffuse, predominantly solitary vessels (multiples occasionally up to 3) that are fewer, larger, and longer than in Sonneratia; abundant axial paratracheal aliform parenchyma; commonly biseriate, strongly heterogeneous rays with erect and square to procumbent cells with crystals; and non-septate fibers.
3); basal part of surstylus with large aliform processes, projecting over tips of cerci (Fig.