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v. a·ligned, a·lign·ing, a·ligns
1. To arrange in a line or so as to be parallel: align the tops of a row of pictures; aligned the car with the curb.
2. To adjust (parts of a mechanism, for example) to produce a proper relationship or orientation: aligning the wheels of a truck.
3. To ally (oneself, for example) with one side of an argument or cause: aligned themselves with the free traders.
1. To adhere to a prescribed course of action.
2. To move or be adjusted into proper relationship or orientation.

[French aligner, from Old French : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + ligne, line (from Latin līnea; see line1).]

a·lign′er n.
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Adj.1.aligned - brought into agreement or cooperation on the side of a faction, party, or causealigned - brought into agreement or cooperation on the side of a faction, party, or cause
nonaligned - not affiliated with any faction, party, or cause
2.aligned - in a straight linealigned - in a straight line; "pearly teeth evenly aligned"
straight - having no deviations; "straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders"
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When the regiment was aligned in another position each man's regard for his safety caused another line of small intrenchments.
The sun rose presently and sent its unobstructed splendors over the land, and we saw a prodigious host moving slowly toward us, with the steady drift and aligned front of a wave of the sea.
By this time the music had stopped, and the musicians-a fiddler, and the young lady who played the harmonium on Sundays-were hastily refreshing themselves at one corner of the supper-table which aligned its devastated pie-dishes and ice-cream saucers on the platform at the end of the hall.
As an intuitive, Software-Defined Network (SDN), Aligned Access allows customers to seamlessly adapt their hybrid IT needs and expand their network service capabilities and footprint with highly reliable connectivity and low-latency transport.
SuperZoo 2020 dates are aligned with the pet industry buying cycles to bestserve the needs of retailers in attendance.
Aligned Telehealth, one of the nation's providers of telepsychiatry services, has announced the appointment of Karen Hiteshi as its new chief operating officer, the company said.
Are your customs and culture aligned with those things you value?
Dynamic align allows users to create a connected column or row of rectangular parts, aligned on one side.
Woking, United Kingdom, January 10, 2014 --( Aligned Assets are pleased to announce the publication of two new case studies that focus on the use of business data in local authorities to drive efficiencies and increase revenue.
Properly mating parting lines and aligned platens reduce machine wear and improve quality.
More than 70 delegations will attend this conference with a view to debate the development of a media network to counter the mainstream international press, and attempt to revive the Broadcasting Organizations of the Non-Aligned Countries (BONAC).aa Founded in April 1955, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organization of 118 member states considering themselves not aligned with any major power bloc.