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 (ăl′ĭ-kwŏt′, -kwət)
Of, relating to, or denoting an exact divisor or factor of a quantity, especially of an integer.
An aliquot part.

[Latin aliquot, a number of, several : alius, some; see al- in Indo-European roots + quot, how many; see kwo- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Mathematics) maths of, signifying, or relating to an exact divisor of a quantity or number: 3 is an aliquot part of 12. Compare aliquant
2. (Chemistry) consisting of equal quantities: the sample was divided into five aliquot parts.
(Mathematics) an aliquot part
[C16: from Latin: several, a few]
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(ˈæl ɪ kwət)

1. forming an exact proper divisor: An aliquot part of 15 is 5.
2. comprising a known fraction of a whole and constituting a sample for chemical analysis.
3. an aliquot part.
[1560–70; < Latin, =ali- some other + quot as many as]
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Noun1.aliquot - an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity; "4 is an aliquot part of 12"
divisor - the number by which a dividend is divided
aliquant, aliquant part - an integer that is not an exact divisor of some quantity; "5 is an aliquant part of 12"
Adj.1.aliquot - signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity
fractional - constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety; "a fractional share of the vote"; "a partial dose"
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A 200-[micro]L aliquot of saline was then removed from the cryotube and transferred to a sterile 1.5-mL centrifuge tube for DNA extraction.
For urine uric-acid analyses, we mix the collection well, remove a 3-mL aliquot, adjust the pH to 10 to 11, heat the aliquot to 56[degrees]C for 10 minutes, again mix well, then centrifuge and analyze.
An aliquot of this dilution was taken with an automatic pipetter, dispensed onto a 500-mesh screen, and flushed with a known volume of electrolyte.
The liquid handler addresses the accurate and precise sampling of an aliquot of sample solution.
Blood samples were drawn from 28 black kites (Milvus migrans) and 19 bar-headed geese (Anser indicus) and were separated into 2 aliquots. One aliquot was dipped into liquid nitrogen for 5 seconds to cause freeze-thawing hemolysis before centrifugation.
Subsequently, blood samples were thawed, and an aliquot was plated onto 10% sheep blood enriched agar and incubated at 37[degrees]C in a 5% C[O.sub.2] atmosphere for a maximum of 45 days.
Typical front-end modules will track, centrifuge, decap, inspect, aliquot, label, recap, or sort sample tubes in preparation for testing on a variety of analyzers that can be either part of the integrated system or standalone equipment.
In the second stage 491M/SD, an aliquot of the ppb mixture is further diluted to form a ppt mixture.
The final concentrations of ethanol (mol/L) and spin probe ([10.sup.-3] mol/L) in each of the 3 aliquots was 2.9, 0.83 in aliquot 1; 3.4, 1.61 in aliquot 2; and 3.8, 2.34 in aliquot 3.
An aliquot of the negative control reaction containing no DNA template was carried through both rounds of the nested PCR with every reaction set.
The residue was dissolved in 1 mL ethanol, and an aliquot was used for the antiandrogenic activity assay described above.
Castlestone Management said that it will open the Aliquot Precious Metals UCITS Fund (APM UCITS), the only UCITS-regulated product that gives exposure to the precious metals complex, on 31 May 2011.