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Able to read but not interested in reading. See Usage Note at literate.

a·lit′er·a·cy n.
a·lit′er·ate n.


a person who is able to read but disinclined to do so
of or relating to aliterates


(eɪˈlɪt ər ɪt)

1. a person who is able to read but rarely does.
2. of, being, or characteristic of an aliterate.
a•lit′er•a•cy, n.
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Noun1.aliterate - a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sourcesaliterate - a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources


adj to be aliterateso gut wie nie lesen
n Person, die so gut wie nie liest
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Statistically significant factors were assessed by using logistic regression analysis and it was found that, child of aliterate mother was less likely to be stunted.
She separates the term aliterate into three types: dormant, uncommitted, and unmotivated.
Multimodality also opens up opportunities to engage reluctant readers, who fall into two categories: the aliterate and the low literate.
All in all, it's a fact that the dominant culture of the United States is aliterate, often antithetical to serious literature, which doesn't mean American literature is inferior.
Many reluctant or aliterate readers will particularly benefit from this 'reading the visuals', not just the print, to make meaning.
Nigeria as a society is composed of the partially-literate, aliterate, and literate avid readers.
If we're becoming aliterate, we're doing so in a most unusual manner.
Many digital natives are aliterate and live in a world where images supplant text, he said, adding that they want research to be easy, don't ask for help, give up if information is not available in Google, don't take notes, and have a different value structure.
That's a problem because the point of McGruder's style of pop-cultural subversion (like that of his white blood brother, Michael Moore) is to get the revolutionary message into the minds of the unthinking, aliterate media consumer.
Other librarians and I regularly discuss illiterate, functional, aliterate, and avid readers.
Brilliant work on south-east Asia and Morocco by the anthropologist Clifford Geertz, for example, led Darnton and others to innocently postulate the same orality for literate societies that demonstrably exists in nonliterate, aliterate, and preliterate ones.
The college faculty confronts the annual reality of first-year college students who (in increasing numbers) are aliterate.