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 (ə-lĭz′ər-ĭn) also a·liz·a·rine (-ĭn, -ə-rēn′)
An orange-red crystalline compound, C14H8O4, used as an acid-base indicator and in making dyes.

[French alizarine, from alizari, madder root, from Spanish, probably from Arabic al-'uṣāra, the juice : al-, the + 'uṣāra, juice (from 'aṣara, to squeeze; see ʕṣr in Semitic roots).]
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1. (Dyeing) a brownish-yellow powder or orange-red crystalline solid used as a dye and in the manufacture of other dyes. Formula: C6H4(CO)2C6H2(OH)2
2. (Elements & Compounds) a brownish-yellow powder or orange-red crystalline solid used as a dye and in the manufacture of other dyes. Formula: C6H4(CO)2C6H2(OH)2
[C19: probably from French alizarine, probably from Arabic al-’asārah the juice, from ’asara to squeeze]
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(əˈlɪz ər ɪn)

also a•liz•a•rine

(-ər ɪn, -əˌrin)

an orange-red compound, C14H8O4, derived from anthraquinone: used chiefly in synthesizing dyes.
[1825–35; < French alizarine]
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Noun1.alizarin - an orange-red crystalline compound used in making red pigments and in dyeing
alizarin carmine, alizarin crimson, alizarin red - any of various acid dyes; used for dyeing wool scarlet red
pigment - dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.)
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After three weeks, alizarin red staining was done to determine calcium node formation by induced cells, and osteoblast specific genes were analyzed by RT-PCR.
Alizarin red vital dye can be used for this qualitative and quantitative evaluation of corneal endothelium (TAYLOR & HUNT, 1981; SAAD et al., 2008).
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