alizarin red

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Noun1.alizarin red - any of various acid dyesalizarin red - any of various acid dyes; used for dyeing wool scarlet red
alizarin, alizarine - an orange-red crystalline compound used in making red pigments and in dyeing
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After 21 days, osteogenic differentiation was assessed using the Alizarin Red staining method (Sigma, USA).
The other half of the litter was fixed in acetone for subsequent skeletal analysis utilizing the alizarin red technique (Staples & Schnell, 1964).
The total number of growth bands was counted in each shell between the Alizarin red staining point and the shell margin.
Aside from these techniques, the analysis of the corneal endothelium using optical microscopy after cell staining with alizarin red has also been used (RODRIGUES et al.
Tenders are invited for Alizarin Red, 500G Packing 100G X 1 100G, Rate Is Per Packing Including All Taxes One Number Packet Consist Of 100G Alizarin Red.
Se reviso literatura sobre el tema en las bases bibliograficas electronicas PubMed, Google Academico y SciELO, a partir de la metodologia PRISMA [30], a traves de la asociacion del termino double staining con los descriptores en salud del Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) alizarin red, alcian blue, bone y cartilage, y la combinacion con los operadores boleanos + y &.
At the end of the third week, osteogenic differentiation was evaluated with Alizarin Red staining (Sigma, USA).
The washed gel was then stained with 1% alizarin red (Sigma-Aldrich), a specific stain for [Ca.