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Noun1.alizarin red - any of various acid dyesalizarin red - any of various acid dyes; used for dyeing wool scarlet red
alizarin, alizarine - an orange-red crystalline compound used in making red pigments and in dyeing
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We also cultured hTERT-OA 13A FLSs and hTERT-RA 516 FLSs in STEMPro osteogenesis differentiation medium in the absence of ATP and examined calcium mineral formation and deposition using alizarin red. Representative alizarin red staining and results are shown in Figure 5.
(2009) the growth and mortality of European glass eel Anguilla anguilla 192 days after marking with oxytetracycline and alizarin red S were not significantly different between the two treatments and not different to the unmarked A.
Alizarin Red staining was used to detect the calcified tissue in cultures.
Calcium oxalate will stain with Von Kossa, but not with Alizarin red (pH 4.1-4.3).
The Fluoride ion concentration was determined using an Orion 9609 [F.sup.-] Ion Selective Electrode and also via Colorimetry (Alizarin Red).
On gestation day 19, fetuses were dissected from the uterus, weighed, eviscerated, and then fixed in formalin; subsequently all fetuses were skinned, cleared with glycerol, and stained with Alcian blue and Alizarin red for visualization of skeletons (4).
After a 4-week induction, staining with 1% Alizarin Red S (Sigma-Aldrich) was performed at room temperature, to detect mineralization.
After that fetuses were stained in alcian blue and alizarin red S stains (alcian blue, alizarin red S, glacial acetic acid, 70 % ethyl alcohol) for 3 days at 37 [degrees]C.
Calcium deposition was measured using alizarin red staining (ARS) according to the above ARS section.
Our results showed that interestingly HAp coating did not significantly increase osteogenecity (Alizarin Red production) in vitro and noncoated Ti scaffolds were also osteoinductive.