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tr.v. ba·si·fied, ba·si·fy·ing, ba·si·fies Chemistry
1. To convert into a base.
2. To make alkaline.

ba′si·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
ba′si·fi′er n.
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anything that makes something alkaline
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Tube cystotomy procedure along with urinary alkalinizer Ammonium chloride was proven highly effective in obstructive urolithiasis condition of ruminants (Tamilmahan et al., 2014).
I had quite a bit of a surprise when he showed me a device about 14 inches tall called a water alkalinizer or ionizer.
Also she was started on antibiotics for urinary tract infection [UTI] along with urine alkalinizer awaiting urine culture and sensitivity report.
She called it the most important "alkalinizer" and noted that the body requires water for its basic function as transportation of nutrients as well as flushing out waste products.
When your blood is too acidic, your body sends in an alkalinizer to correct the imbalance.
The five subclasses of urinary tract agents are analgesics, antispasmodics, urinary acidifiers, urinary alkalinizers, and urinary germicides.
Also urinary tract alkalinizers help maintain the ph of the urinary tract which relieves the painful and burning symptoms".