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n. pl. al·kies Slang
An alcoholic.

[Shortening and alteration of alcoholic + -y.]


(ˈælkɪ) or


n, pl -kies
slang a heavy drinker or alcoholic


(ˈæl ki)

n., pl. -kies. Slang.
1. an alcoholic.
2. alcohol.
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Noun1.alky - a person who drinks alcohol to excess habituallyalky - a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
drunk, drunkard, inebriate, rummy, sot, wino - a chronic drinker
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In Alcoholics Anonymous, we call the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year's Day the "Bermuda Triangle" of sobriety--many alkies come in, but not all make it through.
Andrea's Alkies won the Marsh United Ladies' Four-Team Final at Marsh United BC.
Yet if it's a non-famous person, they're called alkies and junkies, and there's no sympathy whatsoever.
I'd be happy if folks would leave us in peace, especially alkies.
Instead, they pounced on a cynically skewed view of a Scotland they understand - a drug-addled hell full of benefit scroungers and alkies - faster than you can say social welfare.
Gay men and women today may identify with racial minorities, but for most of the past century, gays were lumped in with crazies, alkies, spinsters, and eccentrics--they all ate at the same unmentionable table, preferably hidden.
Shahbaz sparked the latest row last night when he attacked Lisa for being drunk, branding her an "imbecile" and telling her: "I'm very hostile to alkies.
These days, alkies and drinkers can mix like gin and tonic.
Line-up: Bravehearts v Windmill B, Bermuda v Maz's Weekenders, Alfie's Five v Fife Street Nomads, Cabbage Cracks v Phil's Marauders, The Crew v The Dipsticks, Frag's Five v Wendy's Wonders, Wilf's Five v Fife Street Alkies.
If I get another three points, it'll go up by pounds 1,500; a further three, and I'll be banned from driving, lose my job, lapse into alcoholic homelessness and wind up with the alkies, junkies, crazies and glue-drinkers on Taff Embankment.
In a weathered house in Maine, four mismatched brothers drunkenly pick at old wounds with the dedication of luckless alkies in a Eugene O'Neill play while their mother lies upstairs dying.