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n. pl. al·kies Slang
An alcoholic.

[Shortening and alteration of alcoholic + -y.]


(ˈælkɪ) or


n, pl -kies
slang a heavy drinker or alcoholic


(ˈæl ki)

n., pl. -kies. Slang.
1. an alcoholic.
2. alcohol.
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Noun1.alky - a person who drinks alcohol to excess habituallyalky - a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
drunk, drunkard, inebriate, rummy, sot, wino - a chronic drinker
References in classic literature ?
If you want to be funny, you can say Alky Hall, as the others do.
And, although most companies focused on rosin as a major cost factor, alky phenol costs rapidly advanced to high levels.
This surprising miscibility can even be observed in three-component blends, where the resorcinol-based polyesters and polyester carbonates and polyimides are further combined with alky aryl polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate.
My friend's voice keeps murmuring in my head, murmuring she's stressed by going out with two men at once, worrying they'll cross and she'll lose them both, she's starting to drink and smoke too much, love's making her a liar, a chimney head, an alky.
The dead man lived upstairs in Meyer's run-down apartment building, and no one seems to care whether the down-on-his-luck alky was murdered or not, including the police.
In a bar where Rachel spent her last night, alky Bong picks up kooky waitress Feng (Shu Qi) and the pair end up in the sack.
A vacuum heater also needed to be de-coked, and the alky unit, which uses hydrofluoric acid that will corrode all metal parts when exposed to water, needed to be dried to a -40[degrees]F dew point.
In the stateroom sequence (19') with the gangster Alky Briggs's wife, Lucille/Thelma Todd, Groucho, using a combination of body-language and verbal dexterity, defeats both the girl's naively Jazz-Age expectations and, when Briggs comes back unexpectedly, his confident and stable Godfather dourness (as Joe Adamson points out, op.
It's like an olive to the alky ordering a first martini who, though he protests it is the secret of the perfect drink, cares only that what's in the glass is at least 80 proof, is real light on vermouth, and will never run out.
And in "Steady Hands at Seattle General;' an alky getting a haircut in a detox center tells his caretaker, "I been in places where all they do is wrap you in a wet sheet, and let you bite down on a little rubber toy for puppies?
Santicizer 2148 ia an alky aryl phosphate ester that's said to allow wire and cable manufacturers to meet plenum requirements with PVC jacketing instead of having to use expensive fluoropolymers.
In addition to CCR technology, UOP has licensed 12 aromatics complexes, two Linear Alky Benzene (LAB) complexes and various petroleum refining technologies to Sinopec since the early 1980s.