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tr.v. al·kyl·at·ed, al·kyl·at·ing, al·kyl·ates
To add one or more alkyl groups to (a compound).

al′kyl·a′tion (-kə-lā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
to bring (an alkyl group) into a compound


(ˈæl kəˌleɪt)

v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to introduce an alkyl group into (a compound).
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Contract notice: Alkylated gasoline supply and charge cards to purchase fuel - lots.
In addition, the company said it plans to raise production of its Naugalube 438L alkylated diphenylamine (ADPA) liquid antioxidant product in both its Latina, Italy and Elmira, Ontario, Canada facilities.
When a DNA base becomes alkylated, it forms a lesion that distorts the shape of the molecule enough to prevent successful replication.
29] cross-polarization magic angle spinning (CPMAS) NMR was used to analyze the chemical content of the alkylated silica, as reported by Han et al.
Over ninety per cent of finished synthetic lubricants are formulated on one or more of the following types of chemical base stock: poly--olefins (PAOs), esters (predominantly polyol esters and diesters), polyalkylene glycols (PAGs), polybutenes (Pbs), alkylated aromatics, and phosphate esters.
His chemistry project is entitled, "Synthesis and Evaluation of Terminally Alkylated Polymines as Potential Anti-Trypanosomal Agents.
At the Selkirk plant, investment coupled with major debottlenecking efforts in alkylated products is expected to result in production increases of 2,6-xylenol by 15 percent and ortho-cresol by 40 percent.
Rheoplex NRRG-2 is made from an alkylated aromatic base oil and a non-melting thickener.
PENNZANE fluid is a multiply alkylated cyclopentane (MAC), a synthetic hydrocarbon manufactured by Shell Global Solutions and distributed in the United States by Nye Lubricants, Inc.
The two posters are entitled "Development of a reverse polymeric micelle formulation for the oral delivery of therapeutic peptides" and "Synthesis of Alkylated Star-shaped Poly(glycerolmethacrylate)" and will be presented by Marie-Christine Jones and Pankaj Tewari, both graduate students of Pr.
Kenplast G is a low-cost, low-viscosity mixture of alkylated naphthalenes and phenanthrenes with an initial boiling point of 570 F and a final boiling point around 700 F.
Alkylated naphthalene (AN), another synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, was added to produce a unique high-temperature synthetic hydrocarbon blend that gives RheoTemp 761G a continuous exposure heat ceiling of 175(degree)C, vs.