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(ôl′ə-round′) also all-round (ôl′round′)
1. In all or most respects: We had an all-around good time.
2. Comprehensive in extent or depth: a good all-around education.
3. Able to do many things well; versatile: an all-around athlete.


(prenominal) the US equivalent of all-round


or all-round

1. able to do many things; versatile: an all-around athlete.
2. broadly applicable: an all-around education.
3. being so in all matters: an all-around failure.
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Adj.1.all-around - many-sidedall-around - many-sided; "an all-around athlete"; "a well-rounded curriculum"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"


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Top graduated seniors: Greg Godellas (23rd in state all-around, ninth on pommel horse), Yianni Wiechering (state qualifier on three events)
The four-day event will feature some of world's top names including reigning all-around Olympic champion Uchimura.
MAX Whitlock has refused to rule out a return to all-around competition after becoming the first British gymnast to retain a world title in Montreal on Saturday night.
Of the two, I'm of the opinion that spaniels edge closer to the mythical all-around dog than Labs, but it's pretty hard to beat a Lab if you're a waterfowl hunter first and an upland hunter second.
Yulo snatched the first gold of the week-long Games for elementary and high school athletes by topping the cluster 1 individual all-around event of artistic gymnastics for grade school boys.
In the Elite level 3 all-around age category Winston Powell competed with great composure and was rewarded with the overall silver medal, gold on pommel horse, silver on the floor and rings, for excellent individual apparatus performances.
The 19-year-old, who was too young to compete in London four years ago, has won three successive World Championship titles in the all-around and is as close to a gold-medal lock in the event in Rio as you can get.
The Western Front, the student newspaper, won a finalist award for Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper.
This year, Sherine El-Zeiny won gold at the African Gymnastics Championships in the women's individual all-around competitions.
Scotland's Commonwealth parallel bars champion competes in the men's all-around qualifying looking to make tomorrow's final.
At the New England meet, she placed 12th in the all-around and tied for 11th on the beam and in the vault.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Based on this week's training prior to the Nanning Gymnastics World Championships, Simone Biles of USA looks primed to defend her individual all-around title and the second consecutive team title in the women's competition that begins on Sunday.

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