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Adj.1.all-devouring - (of animals) both plant-eating and flesh-eatingall-devouring - (of animals) both plant-eating and flesh-eating
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
omnivorous - feeding on both plants and animals
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The Vulture is the all-devouring Vandal and Great Philistine, a threat to civilization.
It becomes a demanding, all-devouring, insatiable monster, which takes its toll on all around it.
Also, these sites are turning into what Wolff calls 'all-devouring marketing machines'.
Amid all-devouring chaos in Mike Ashley's power chamber, a depleted and savaged playing squad has lost but three matches out of 16 played.
In particular, Cobbett notes the myriad ways in which central governance (the "all-devouring Wen," as he calls London) affects local life and lives, changing a countryside already mediated by maps, books, surveys, Acts of Parliament, reports, and histories--and by Cobbett himself for whom writing and riding are interchangeable categories in Rural Rides.
He divides fatal discontinuities, for example, into known catastrophic risks such as volcanic mega-eruptions and virulent pandemics (which have happened before, so we can calculate the probability over the next 50 years), plausible catastrophic risks such as accidental nuclear wars (which have not happened and are much more difficult to rate quantitatively) and entirely speculative risks such as the emergence of an all-devouring gooey nano-species.
Nose-picking, all-devouring, looting little thieves - they will destroy anything they are told to and give their lives in the process.
They still remember a truth from ancient days, and that is that the oceans and the world will end suddenly by means of an all-devouring funnel.
Death becomes a more explicit focus as the story progresses, and the rebuses' contrast switches from black on white to white on an all-devouring black.
Suspense is maintained throughout this fine saga, with many action scenes, touches of humor (I liked the mention of "all-devouring goddess" Thatcher), complex characters and inventive details.
Next to that is whether some unseen but all-devouring, wood-rotting fungus is lurking under the floors.
Think not only of the all-devouring armies of Alexander and Genghis Khan but also of Exodus.