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1. Including everything, especially for a single price: an all-inclusive stay at a tropical resort hotel.
2. Taking everything into consideration: an all-inclusive marketing strategy.

all′-in·clu′sive·ness n.


including everything; comprehensive


including everything; comprehensive.
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Adj.1.all-inclusive - broad in scope or content; "across-the-board pay increases"; "an all-embracing definition"; "blanket sanctions against human-rights violators"; "an invention with broad applications"; "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner; "granted him wide powers"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"




[ˈɔːlɪnˈkluːsiv] ADJ [price] → con todo incluido
all-inclusive insurance policypóliza f de seguro contra todo riesgo
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It was indeed at Calvary, if the occasion had to be pinpointed, that God loved us first, loved us unconditionally and all-inclusively when He gave us His only son, who took unto Himself all human suffering and gave up His life for us: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man give up his life for his friends (John 15:13).
Maintain faith in that love--in the surprises of generosity and the habit, among some people, of loving broadly, bravely, all-inclusively. It will be a supreme gift, that love, to you perpetually in search of Home, in search of Heart, in search of Here: the place where I can love and, for once, be loved entirely, completely, in return.
However, in reality, both can, without a doubt, be beneficial when used for certain conditions although certainly not all-inclusively for any condition.

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