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all night·er

or all-night·er (ôl′nī′tər)
n. Informal
A project or event lasting all through the night, especially an intense bout of study or work: pulled an all nighter to finish the assignment on time.


an entertainment, such as a pop concert or film screening, that lasts all night


n. Informal.
something lasting or open all night, as an all-night game or all-night supermarket.
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I probably made a mistake going on an all-nighter last night.
Ironically, however, I have to prepare for a test and am planning another all-nighter instead
Pulling an all-nighter only activates short-term memory when what is needed to recall and retain most facts is long-term memory.
Rampworx Scooter Hallowe'en All-nighter Friday, October 28, 8pm to 8am Saturday, October 29 Ride all night at the Scooter Hallowe'en All-nighter.
From the late 80s into the 90s, people came to the club from near and far, from across Scotland and on coach trips up from Derby, Stafford and Preston - the first time in the history of northern soul that Scotland had an all-nighter that could compete with the best of England's industrial north.
He pulls an all-nighter as he flaps hopelessly over the company finances.
AN all-nighter with a big difference took place at Huddersfield University.
Another all-nighter at the recently rechristened O2 Institute.
Although originally designed for sport, Clean Energy Patch can be used in almost any setting, whether for a long road trip, a campus all-nighter or simply beating the afternoon blues, according to the company.
In fairness, any contest that has persuaded so many of us eijits to pull an all-nighter on Saturday must be pretty decent.
In five hours, the MODassic Marketing team will present the efforts of its all-nighter benefiting three nonprofits.
So that's how Sunday was spent - daughter and pals sleeping off an all-nighter, son oblivious to the worry he'd caused and me and Mrs R tootling around the Lakes, listening to Paul O'Grady on Radio 2.