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Her kind believed that in the center of all-pervading solidity there was a single, vast, spherical cavity, which was Pellucidar.
They, at that time, were extremely numerous, and conducted the chief navigation and commerce of the Ohio and the Mississippi, as the voyageurs did of the Canadian waters; but, like them, their consequence and characteristics are rapidly vanishing before the all-pervading intrusion of steamboats.
Corruption has become an all-pervading ill in our country.
Having spent half of my professional life specialising in Sexual Medicine, and having, like most of my colleagues, given hundreds of lectures on the subject all over the world I am still left astounded at the all-pervading ignorance that exists concerning sex and everything to do with it.
Many non-Muslims have also been deeply touched by the spiritualism of Ramadan, with its all-pervading spirit of compassion, grace and humanitarian principles opening their eyes to its innate meaning.
Eradicating every last tentacle of an all-pervading problem will not be a simple task.
One of the most wonderful things about a new restaurant, my wife observed, is that all-pervading feeling of hope.
One misses, even in color photographs, the effect of the dazzlingly fresh complexion, the clear regard from the glass-blue eyes, and the gentle, all-pervading sweetness of her smile," he wrote.
And the 'determined Gandhi', who with his frail body walked through the villages of India with a lamp of truth amid the all-pervading darkness of violence that marked our independence," the President added.
"There is no doubt excessive spending in the Aras has been the hallmark of this presidency and there is an all-pervading sense of entitlement attached to the Office.
There was a new twist last week when social media was revealed to be so all-pervading it turns non comment into comment.