all-terrain vehicle

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all-ter·rain vehicle

n. Abbr. ATV
A small, open motor vehicle having one or two seats and three or more wheels fitted with large tires, designed for use over rugged terrain.
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all′-terrain′ ve`hicle

a vehicle with treads, wheels, or both, for traversing uneven terrain as well as roads. Abbr.: ATV
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all-terrain vehicle

[ˌɔːltəˌreɪnˈviːɪkl] Nvehículo m todo terreno
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all-terrain vehicle (ˌoːl təˈrein ˈviːəkl) noun
(also ATV) a small vehicle, looking like a small tractor, that can travel fast on rough ground.
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Write all right (not alright).
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As well as a tubing slide and all-terrain vehicle hires, a new exhibition named the Cairngorm Story will be staged at the base station in July, describing the area's wildlife, mountains, unique natural environment, snow sports and its people.
ROWARDENNAN Construction of 610 metres of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) access track at land east of Rowardennan Hotel for Andy Malcolm, Forestry and Land Scotland.
The topics include a method for determining the vehicle-to-ground contact load during laboratory-based rollover tests, vehicle and occupant responses in a friction trip rollover test, all-terrain vehicle rollover resistance: testing of side-by-side all-terrain vehicle rollover initiations, evaluating dynamic roof deformation in rollover crash tests, and the rollover testing of a sport utility vehicle with an inertial measurement unit.
Oshkosh Defense, an Oshkosh Corporation company, exhibited at the Dubai Airshow 2015 a full range of leading-edge military, security and airport fire fighting vehicles to serve customers throughout the Middle East Region, including the highly transportable Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV), which was recently selected by the US Army and Marine Corps to replace aging up-armored HMMWVs.
WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- The Williamson County Sheriff and Coroner Offices are investigating a fatal all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crash that occurred Sunday afternoon.
Summary: Manipal academy's mechanical department students develop all-terrain vehicle in 10 months for Baja SAE 2018
A container which had an all-terrain vehicle and other vital lifeguard equipment inside, was forced open outside Port Talbot lifeboat station at around 11pm on Tuesday.
POSITION: The WVSMA strongly supports strengthening West Virginia's All-Terrain Vehicle safety law and maintaining the motorcycle helmet law for operators and riders of all ages.
This PC360 story is excerpted from: The rules also define an all-terrain vehicle as "a four or six wheel motor vehicle equipped with balloon tires or crawler treads, designed for use on rugged terrain or rugged terrain and water."
Pailton Engineering has won a contract to produced parts for the first three prototypes of an all-terrain vehicle for the Jordan Armed Forces.