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n. pl. al·lan·to·i·des (ăl′ən-tō′ĭ-dēz′)
A membranous sac that develops from the posterior part of the digestive tract in the embryos of mammals, birds, and reptiles. It is important in the formation of the umbilical cord and placenta in mammals. Also called allantoid.

[New Latin allāntois, variant of allāntoīdēs, from Greek allāntoeidēs, sausage-shaped : allās, allānt-, sausage (perhaps from Greek dialectal (Magna Graecia) *allāwent-, (sausage) seasoned with garlic, from *allā-, garlic, of Italic origin; akin to Latin ālium, garlic; see allium) + -oeidēs, -oid.]

al′lan·to′ic (ăl′ən-tō′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.allantoic - relating to or characterized by an allantoisallantoic - relating to or characterized by an allantois
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No hemagglutinating agents were observed when chicken red blood cells were used in analysis of allantoic fluid from dead embryos.
Urachal remnant is the residual tissues of the embryonic allantoic sac associated with umbilicus.
For the leaf N content, the inoculated plants presented higher values owing to the efficiency of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), which results in the production of ureides (allantoin and allantoic acid) in the nodules.
The viruses were grown in the allantoic cavity of 10 day-old chick embryos at 35.5 [degrees]C for 48 h.
This is part of the allantoic sac and fluid that surrounds both the placenta and the calf inside the cow's uterus.
The influenza A viruses obtained from virus infected allantoic fluids of 25 embryonated hen eggs were purified by centrifugation on sucrose cushion and concentrated in 500 [micro]L of NTE buffer.
Hydrops of fetal membranes refers to the overproduction of fluid into either the amniotic or the allantoic compartments (hydramnion or hydrallantois).
The classic ultrasound images that allow the practitioner to diagnose embryonic or fetal death generally show at least one of the following signs: a significant quantity of extremely echogenic debris inside the amniotic or allantoic liquid, poor definition of the structures observed (Fig.
In viviparity, at 5 weeks, the midgut and allantoic membrane, as primordia of the small intestine and bladder, form a continued alveus with the hindgut and cloaca.
The presence of erythritol in allantoic fluid during pregnancy favors the growth and propagation of Brucella organisms, thereby enhancing the susceptibility of female sheep to brucellosis [42, 56].