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tr.v. al·leged, al·leg·ing, al·leg·es
1. To assert to be true; affirm: alleging his innocence of the charge.
2. To assert prior to a final determination: The indictment alleges that the commissioner took bribes.
3. To state (a plea or excuse, for example) in support or denial of a claim or accusation: The defendant alleges temporary insanity.
4. Archaic To bring forward as an authority.

[Middle English alleggen, from Old French alegier, to vindicate, justify (influenced by aleguer, to give a reason), from esligier, to pay a fine, justify oneself, from Late Latin *exlītigāre, to clear at law : Latin ex-, out; see ex- + Latin lītigāre, to sue; see litigate.]

al·lege′a·ble adj.
al·leg′er n.
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According to Serag El-Din, her mission as a curator included investing a proper period of time in order to scout the country's most allegeable brands.
Gargash reassured all citizens that MBRHE is committed to the name list that was prepared in April, giving priority to pre-registrations and total number of family members, he also urged the citizens to finalize all the allocation procedures to be 100% allegeable members.