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 (ăl′ĭ-gôr′ĭ-kəl, -gŏr′-) also al·le·gor·ic (-ĭk)
Of, characteristic of, or containing allegory: an allegorical painting of Victory leading an army.

al′le·gor′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.allegoric - used in or characteristic of or containing allegoryallegoric - used in or characteristic of or containing allegory; "allegorical stories"; "an allegorical painting of Victory leading an army"
representative - standing for something else; "the bald eagle is representative of the United States"


adj, allegorically
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The jewels which encircled her neck were priceless and dazzling; the soft material of her gown, the most delicate shade of sea green, seemed to foam about her feet, a wonderful triumph of allegoric dressmaking.
It must be confessed that a family likeness pervaded these respectable progeny of Drowne's skill; that the benign countenance of the king resembled those of his subjects, and that Miss Peggy Hobart, the merchant's daughter, bore a remarkable similitude to Britannia, Victory, and other ladies of the allegoric sisterhood; and, finally, that they all had a kind of wooden aspect which proved an intimate relationship with the unshaped blocks of timber in the carver's workshop.
A kingdom they portend thee, but what kingdom, Real or allegoric, I discern not; Nor when: eternal sure--as without end, Without beginning; for no date prefixed Directs me in the starry rubric set.
She was too generously alive; but she could have stood for an allegoric statue of the Earth.
Luther, as Philippe Buttgen explains, was not in agreement with St Augustine and preferred a literal to an allegoric interpretation of the Bible.
In another story a machine is known to have actually botched the universe, that machine contrived by one Allegoric who, in fact, intended to improve the cosmos ("King Globares and the Sages," Mortal Engines, 101-113).
The most flagrantly unencumbered character in James's major fiction, devoid of professional, social, and familial marks, a cipher down to his very address, Gabriel Nash appears well-gauged to represent the allegoric spirit of something, but that it is of satire seems unlikely when he first appears before Biddy and Nick Dormer in the Palais de l'Industrie in Chapter 2 (Vol.
Shepherds of Arcadia, and allegoric figures from the Faerie Queen, were oddly mixed up in these .
In the subsequent volume Desfacerea/The unraveling, time, passage and death became obsessive themes, inscribed within discursive confessions or allegoric pseudo-scenarios.
O: Boundaries of poetic expression; Dialogue, monologue, ironic speech, comments, symbolic and allegoric expression
John Chalker, in this respect, writes of Thomson's "yearning for sublimity of feeling and elevation of language" and identifies "a strain of self-intoxication" (128), a language that is frequently used in the hymnal addresses of deities, as in William Collins's Odes on Several Descriptive and Allegoric Subjects (1746).
These theological aspects emerge clearly if allegoric interpretations are added to the narrative of Jonah's life.