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 (ăl′ĭ-gôr′ĭ-kəl, -gŏr′-) also al·le·gor·ic (-ĭk)
Of, characteristic of, or containing allegory: an allegorical painting of Victory leading an army.

al′le·gor′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.allegoric - used in or characteristic of or containing allegoryallegoric - used in or characteristic of or containing allegory; "allegorical stories"; "an allegorical painting of Victory leading an army"
representative - standing for something else; "the bald eagle is representative of the United States"
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adj, allegorically
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The jewels which encircled her neck were priceless and dazzling; the soft material of her gown, the most delicate shade of sea green, seemed to foam about her feet, a wonderful triumph of allegoric dressmaking.
It must be confessed that a family likeness pervaded these respectable progeny of Drowne's skill; that the benign countenance of the king resembled those of his subjects, and that Miss Peggy Hobart, the merchant's daughter, bore a remarkable similitude to Britannia, Victory, and other ladies of the allegoric sisterhood; and, finally, that they all had a kind of wooden aspect which proved an intimate relationship with the unshaped blocks of timber in the carver's workshop.
A kingdom they portend thee, but what kingdom, Real or allegoric, I discern not; Nor when: eternal sure--as without end, Without beginning; for no date prefixed Directs me in the starry rubric set." So saying, he took (for still he knew his power Not yet expired), and to the Wilderness Brought back, the Son of God, and left him there, Feigning to disappear.
She was too generously alive; but she could have stood for an allegoric statue of the Earth.
Thus, at times, there is the perception that for the school to perform a good presentation, they need a great number of wings, huge allegoric floats with movement, as well as great costumes so that the parade has a visual appeal that impresses, in terms of size, the judges and the audience in general.
(13) Often referred to as a "rationalist" framework, the Mu'tazilites' interpretation was that acts attributed to the divine were allegoric, denying any possibility that mere humans could see or understand Allah in a material sense.
Not only does he use the images of nature's accidental landscaping in an allegoric manner, he also explores nature's geometric and organic forms and enhances them by using vibrant base colours to illustrate how nature, at times, reflects human emotions, such as loneliness, division and solitude.
In this article, Andersen's "The Great Sea-Serpent" serves as an allegoric point of departure for reflecting on how technology may influence the teaching and learning of Andersen worldwide.
(49; see also Malcolm 55, Gold 36) In response to the mystery surrounding Andrew's role, with the help of narrative analysis and critical notions referred to as trauma theory and posthumanity, I contend that Andrew's Brain invites an allegoric reading of the human condition at the turn of the millennium.
Nothingness: earth "without form and void." The mighty Genesis story of the Creation, allegoric though science shows it to be, retains the hold that it had in infancy--it rings true to us, it has basic meaning.
Likewise, there are differences in purpose and communicative content, which range from explicitly political to primarily aesthetic, with a spectrum of satirical, metaphoric, allegoric, imaginative, and self-expressive work that blurs these boundaries.
He declares that "the significance of Osiris Rising lies in the fact that it is allegoric and parabolic in conception, for, as in the preceding works, the characters presented in Osiris Rising, while aspiring to the status of flesh and blood humans, also illustrate attitudes, emotional states, and experiences that are representative." Ode Ogede, Ayi Kwei Armah, Radical Iconoclast: Pitting Imaginary Worlds against the Actual.