allegro con spirito

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Noun1.allegro con spirito - lively with spiritallegro con spirito - lively with spirit      
allegro - a brisk and lively tempo
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Lindsay opened the concert with Bach's 'Sinfonia No.10' in G, BWV 796, followed by a Allegro con spirito movement from Mozart's 'Sonata No.
In their third Latin-oriented allegro con spirito, one of the musicians played a pair of maracas, and advanced from the back of the stage to the front until he stood at the very edge, facing the audience, even closer to the audience than Dudamel himself - still shaking the maracas.
Say played famous composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso, Allegro con spirito, Andantino semplice, Prestissimo ve Tempo I" as well as "Alegro con fuco".