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 (ə-lē′lə-kĕm′ĭ-kəl, ə-lĕl′ə-)
A chemical emitted by an organism of one species that influences the physiology or behavior of an organism of a different species. Synthetic allelochemicals are sometimes used as herbicides or insecticides.

[Greek allēlōn, mutually (from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots) + chemical.]
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The research results also indicated that the areas seriously infested with Parathenium can release greater amount of allelochemicals and thus can be proved harmful for wheat and other crops.
This can be explained by the presence of other allelochemicals with an antagonistic effect similar to that caused by the acylsugar and also by the fact that this accession showed a low amount of abaxial trichomes.
As to the chemical effects, they might occur through the release of known substances in the environment, known as allelochemicals (Souza et al., 2006), which might compromise the germination and the development of weeds (Pires & Oliveira 2007).
It is possible that the heartwood of pines is resistant to termite attack because of its density and concentration of allelochemicals (Scheffrahn et al.
Nutritional imbalance, water deficiency, and presence of allelochemicals are factors which can reduce digestibility (SMITH, 2005, FURSTENBERGHAGG et al., 2013).
(1992) some invasive plants release allelochemicals in the environment, being in the aqueous phase of the soil or substrate, or by volatilized gaseous substances in the air surrounding soil plants.
In this context, seed germination and plantlet growth, parameters accessed by macroscopic analysis using a model plant species, are the bioassays most commonly used for study and identification of the allelopathic potential of allelochemicals extracted or present in plants (Rice, 1984).
Several weed species are reported to have allelochemicals that affect germination and growth of crops due to toxicity [3].
Thu Ha et al., "Allelopathic activity of dehulled rice and its allelochemicals on weed germination," International Letters of Natural Sciences, vol.
Allelochemicals are present in both vegetative and reproductive organs of plants.