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 (ə-lē′lə-môrf′, ə-lĕl′ə-)
1. A distinct phenotype associated with a specific allele.
2. See allele.

[Greek allēlōn, mutually (from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots) + -morph.]

al·le′lo·mor′phic adj.
al·le′lo·mor′phism n.


relating to alleles
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Adj.1.allelomorphic - of or relating to allelesallelomorphic - of or relating to alleles    
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It is demonstrated that A allelomorphic gene of intron1 2653A>G was the dominance gene in Chinese Simmental cattle.
SCD is a genetic disease resulting from the inheritance of two abnormal allelomorphic genes that control the formation of p-chains of hemoglobins (Mehanna 2002, Voet 1998).
As Smih (1907) wrote in his review on sex determination, 'we actually see that the sexual characters do segregate into two sharply separated sets of individuals, the males and the females, as if maleness and femaleness were in some way allelomorphic to one another, while the occurrence of hermaphrodite forms and the latent presence in one sex of characters proper to the opposite sex indicate the phenomenon of heterozygotism or sex hybridism'.