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tr.v. al·le·vi·at·ed, al·le·vi·at·ing, al·le·vi·ates
1. To make (pain, for example) less intense or more bearable: a drug that alleviates cold symptoms. See Synonyms at relieve.
2. To lessen or reduce: alleviate unemployment.

[Middle English alleviaten, from Late Latin alleviāre, alleviāt-, to lighten : Latin ad-, ad- + levis, light; see legwh- in Indo-European roots.]

al·le′vi·a′tion n.
al·le′vi·a′tor n.
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Noun1.alleviator - a therapist who makes suffering more endurablealleviator - a therapist who makes suffering more endurable
healer, therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy
2.alleviator - remedy that alleviates pain without curingalleviator - remedy that alleviates pain without curing
curative, cure, therapeutic, remedy - a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain
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And they come swiftly from the other side of the earth, over wires and cables, for your electric telegraph is a great alleviator of anxiety.
It's a symptom reliever, a quality of life enhancer, a pain alleviator and a mood modulator.
The role of the private sector as a promoter of sustainable development and an alleviator of poverty cannot be emphasised enough.
This study was performed to investigate the role of ER stress in DR and further ascertain whether UDCA, a known ER stress alleviator, exerts a therapeutic effect in streptozotocin- (STZ-) induced diabetic mice.
In its own mystical framework it stresses the role of the believer as alleviator of human pain through acts of mercy and philanthropy, as social responsibility, a synergy of humans and God (Makrides, 2005).
These stringent and stiff regulations sometimes act as a hindrance instead of an alleviator for the private sector investors.