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Noun1.allis - European shadallis - European shad        
shad - herring-like food fishes that migrate from the sea to fresh water to spawn
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"He called the IB an 'Itty Bitty' instead of its real name," she says, "and I decided that I needed one of those small Allis tractors." Luckily for her, one turned up at a household auction soon after.
Expert Car Care Inc., a leading full-service automotive service center located in West Allis, WI, invites their valued customers to take a few moments to leave a review on their new and dynamic website regarding their auto shop experience.
Acquisitions also laid the groundwork for AGCO's crossover distribution concept where an AGCO Allis dealer could also become a dealer for any of the other brands AGCO owned and manufactured, and vice-versa.
Allis, Caparros, Jenuwein, Reinberg, and Lachner offer the 2nd edition of this epigenetics reference, updated with the most recent research from 2007-2014, including research made possible by massively parallel RNA sequencing and advances in the understanding of histone modification and chromatin remodeling.
Outside of the digital world, West Allis public health workers celebrated NPHW with a huge bulletin board depicting the role of public health in the larger community, which welcomed visitors as they entered the health department.
Pain scores at the time of placement as measured using a 100-mm visual analog scale were 23.5 mm in 38 patients randomized to undergo placement using an Allis clamp, and 31.5 mm in 40 patients who underwent placement using the tenaculum.
Whereas much recent interdisciplinary work (by Phyllis Weliver, Nicky Losseff, Sophie Fuller, Laura Vorachek, myself) has examined the musical allusions and ideologies within literary texts, Michael Allis's book reverses the equation to put musical texts in the foreground, assessing the literary influence upon them.
He was working a security officer when he was arrested June 25, the same day detectives removed large bags of evidence and a refrigerator from his West Allis apartment.
The magazine also reported that following the deal, which also involved the sale of the stakes of minority shareholders, including Geoff Harris, the only owners of the business remained Bain, Jeff and Janine Allis.
Two Allis frees edged Limerick back in front and it was a lead they never surrendered and the arrival of Shane Dowling gave them a further boost and with his first touch he pointed a free.
An Evening with Peter Allis is taking place at the Solihull Arts Complex, situated at Touchwood, Library Square, on February 6.
Michael Allis's exploration of the "vibrant and diverse musical-literary correspondence in this period" p.