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 (ə-lĭt′ə-rā′tĭv, -ər-ə-)
Of, showing, or characterized by alliteration.

al·lit′er·a′tive·ly adv.
al·lit′er·a′tive·ness n.
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in an alliterative manner
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Adv.1.alliteratively - in an alliterative manner; "the early Norse poets wrote alliteratively"
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The combination of Julia Donaldson's alliteratively amusing and charismatic tale of the unique 'Go-Away bird' with Catherine Rayner's beautiful, colourful and wonderfully characterful illustrations is an absolute treat.
Movenpick Executive Chef Ameer Jordan introduced to us the menu at Ssam, which is alliteratively translated from the Korean word 'wrapped,' referring to the samgyeupsal practice of wrapping grilled meat in a leaf and then eaten.
Housman's tightly controlled poems, centered on "a series of dead lads," are alliteratively characterized by Alfano as "memorializations manque" that allow the poet both to stifle and to intimate male-male desire (p.
A generic verb would be useful: "to wow" might serve, except "wowing" would alliteratively suggest barking dogs--an aesthetic problem as well as a semantic one.
An eyesore among the pleasant, inviting shop fronts that smile at the passers-by, the building's countenance with its "forehead of discoloured wall" is alliteratively disfigured, distained, blistered, blind, and eyeless ("it show[s] no window").
4 What was the name of the alliteratively overloaded comedy which featured a milkman called Dave Deacon from Dawson's Dairy?
(82) Here Favorinus alliteratively draws a connection between the
Premiered at Symphony Hall a few years ago by the CBSO and its Choruses, Jonathan Dove's There was a Child is a wonderful setting of texts ranging alliteratively from William Wordsworth to Walt Whitman.
In 2014, at a summit alliteratively entitled "Federalism and the Future of Fossil Fuels," energy companies, lobbyists, and lawyers met with Republican AGs to strategize about challenges to EPA regulations.
You have fed them vitriol, made them viciously intolerant of dissenting voices, I shouted alliteratively to dramatic effect.
The "threat" that Tamburlaine alludes to is built upon the alliteratively linked "flames" and "fiery" mists while the internal rhythm of bullets and thunderbolts suggests a military march.