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Any of numerous, usually bulbous plants of the genus Allium, having long stalks bearing clusters of variously colored flowers and including many ornamental and food plants, such as onions, leeks, chives, garlic, and shallots.

[New Latin Allium, genus name, from Latin allium, garlic, variant of earlier ālium, probably of Mediterranean substrate origin.]
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(Plants) any plant of the genus Allium, such as the onion, garlic, shallot, leek, or chive: family Alliaceae
[C19: from Latin: garlic]
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(ˈæl i əm)

any bulbous plant of the genus Allium, of the amaryllis family, having flowers in a round cluster, including the onion, leek, shallot, garlic, and chive.
[1800–10; < New Latin, Latin: garlic]
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Noun1.allium - large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlicAllium - large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlic; leek; onion; chive; sometimes placed in family Alliaceae as the type genus
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Liliaceae, Liliaceae, lily family - includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae; Aloeaceae; Alstroemeriaceae; Aphyllanthaceae; Asparagaceae; Asphodelaceae; Colchicaceae; Convallariaceae; Hemerocallidaceae; Hostaceae; Hyacinthaceae; Melanthiaceae; Ruscaceae; Smilacaceae; Tecophilaeacea; Xanthorrhoeaceae
alliaceous plant - bulbous plants having a characteristic pungent onion odor
wild onion - any of various plants of the genus Allium with edible bulbs found growing wild
Allium acuminatum, Hooker's onion - a common North American wild onion with a strong onion odor and an umbel of pink flowers atop a leafless stalk; British Columbia to California and Arizona and east to Wyoming and Colorado
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Allium said that the successful achievement of all clinical trial objectives, including the primary endpoint, based on half the number of patients defined in the study protocol, while meeting very stringent criteria for statistical significance is remarkable and unprecedented.
Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum' - a pink cow-parsley relative - flowers at much the same time as Allium hollandicum.
Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'haerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum' - a pink cow-parsley 'Roseum' - a pink cow-parsley relative -owers at much the same relative - owers at much the same time as Allium hollandicum.
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Bulbs of Allium cepa (onion) were collected from a local market in Dhaka city, Bangladesh during June 2013.
The plant Allium cepa Linn(Liliaceae) has shown the antidiabetic, (3) antioxidant, (4) antihypertensive, (5) antithrombotic, (6) hypoglycemic, (7) antihyperlipidemic effects.
The Allium group is a wide and wonderful group of plants, including those that are edible, such as onions, leeks, shallots, chives and garlic.
Best of the Bunch - Allium (Ornamental onion) THEIR lollipop blooms always make a statement in a border, rising above all else to display mainly purple or white globes of flowers.
Allium cepa, commonly known as Onion and locally as Piyaz, Ghanda in Pakistan is an important medicinal plant whose various parts are used to cure different health problems.
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