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tr.v. al·lo·cat·ed, al·lo·cat·ing, al·lo·cates
1. To set apart for a special purpose; designate: allocate a room to be used for storage.
2. To distribute according to a plan; allot: allocate rations for a week-long camping trip.

[Medieval Latin allocāre, allocāt- : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin locāre, to place (from locus, place).]

al′lo·cat′a·ble adj.
al′lo·ca′tion n.
al′lo·ca·tor n.
Synonyms: allocate, appropriate, assign, designate, earmark
These verbs mean to reserve or select for a specified purpose: allocated time for recreation; appropriated funds for public education; assigned the new computers to the science lab; designated a location for the new hospital; money that was earmarked for a vacation.
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anyone or anything that allocates something
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Noun1.allocator - a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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Panhandle Oil and Gas Incorporated (NYSE: PHX), an oil and natural gas mineral and leasehold acreage-focused capital allocator, has reported its financial results for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2018.
"The Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative is a window into the future of investing," the Bretton Woods II program's director, Tomicah Tillemann, said in the statement.
The Absolute Capital Asset Allocator Fund and Absolute Capital Defender Fund are managed by the same team that has been managing Absolute Capital's strategies for more than a decade.
It examines how a candidate raises money, and how efficiently he/she communicates as a marketer and understands his/her allocator's diversified portfolio.
Appear TVhaslaunchedits Multiscreen Resource Allocator at CABSAT.
In the production stage, participants who were assigned the allocator role were required to complete a quiz consisting of 20 questions resembling those found in the Graduate Record Examinations and Graduate Management Admission Test within 15 minutes.
The job of an asset allocator is to decide how best to allocate your wealth across the many and varied asset classes in order for it to grow.
To the West Midlands ambulance allocator: You won't get sacked for making them miss a break and helping a family in need.
Control allocator Julie Williams, 54, from Rhiwbina, Cardiff * She wears: Phase Eight dress, pounds 65, and shoes, pounds 89 She says: "I like the colour and the fit of the dress, but I especially like how it makes me feel.
The topics include a predictable cache-aware memory allocator, interference-aware real-time flow scheduling for wireless sensor networks, minimizing end-to-end delay in thermally constrained distributed systems, partitioned real-time scheduling on heterogeneous shared-memory multiprocessors, the tractability of digraph-based task models, meeting deadlines cheaply, the optimal selection of pre-emption points to minimize pre-emption overhead, and resource-sharing protocols for real-time task graph systems.
Borisov explained that the Cabinet had never planned to close down the establishment and that it will continue to be primary fund allocator to the respective BAS institutes.