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tr.v. al·lo·cat·ed, al·lo·cat·ing, al·lo·cates
1. To set apart for a special purpose; designate: allocate a room to be used for storage.
2. To distribute according to a plan; allot: allocate rations for a week-long camping trip.

[Medieval Latin allocāre, allocāt- : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin locāre, to place (from locus, place).]

al′lo·cat′a·ble adj.
al′lo·ca′tion n.
al′lo·ca·tor n.
Synonyms: allocate, appropriate, assign, designate, earmark
These verbs mean to reserve or select for a specified purpose: allocated time for recreation; appropriated funds for public education; assigned the new computers to the science lab; designated a location for the new hospital; money that was earmarked for a vacation.


anyone or anything that allocates something
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Noun1.allocator - a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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If we use profile information, both allocators can improve their choice of live ranges that are allocated a register and identify the most promising live ranges.
Therefore, "part of the explanation 'for the generous offers observed in the ultimatum game does appear to be explained by a taste for fairness on the part of the allocators" (Thaler, 1988, p.
If discipline from incurring losses from mistakes were mitigated, vigilance would be relaxed, the market's natural adaptive response would be blunted, and the value of decentralized market decisions as allocators of scarce capital resources would be reduced.
Initial views based exclusively on equity formulations (Adams, 1965), with its underpinnings in social exchange (Homans, 1961; Blau, 1964; Emerson, 1976), have gradually given way to the examination of many alternative rules on which entitlements can be based and that different allocators can use on different occasions.
By contrast, almost all tactical asset allocators were largely out of the stock market on Black Monday.
the object of the contract includes a) assembly of electronic, two-factor cost allocators for central heating with a radio reading module in individual nodes (buildings) listed in annex 1 to the contract template
He brings deep general management experience as a 30+ year industry leader, both as an investment manager and allocator. Most recently, he was the Head of Portfolio Management at PAAMCO, one of the largest alternative allocators and emerging manager investors.
Investor Appetite for Hedge Funds Remains Strong Hedge Funds witnessed the largest positive swing in net demand among the different asset classes we surveyed and are on par as the top investment strategy of allocators going into the second half of the year.
Summary: Where can asset allocators find ballast when both volatility and correlations are rising?
In particular, 86% of funds of funds, 84% of family offices and 82% of advisors and consultants said they were likely to be active allocators.
The asset allocators have shifted out of cash and increased their allocations to equities.