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1. Concerned with the condition or well-being of others more than of oneself.
2. Philosophy Having a meaning relative to the perspective of some subject other than oneself.

al′lo·cen′tric·al·ly adv.
al′lo·cen·tric′i·ty (-trĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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A Dartmouth study published in Scienceprovides new insight into navigation and spatial learning by examining how the rat brain processes spatial information from the outside world in an egocentric framework and converts it to information in relation to the animal's spatial position in an allocentric framework (referenced to the world at-large).
auratus can navigate on the basis of allocentric maps and this is dependent on the integrity of the telencephalon (18,22,23,26-28).
Several motivation theories exist including push and pull, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, travel career patterns and psychocentric and allocentric tourism motivators (Cook, Hsu, & Taylor, 2018).
Once a map is established, the rat can construe itself in "allocentric" fashion as an object in the environment, and myriad experiments have shown a clear neural signature for this (decoupled mentation).
Secondly, the study conducted by Miroslaw Szymanski (9) in the last years of the 20th century indicates that allocentric and prosocial values (friendship, common experiences) were the most important to young persons, followed by hedonistic values (enjoying life) and values related to work, ending with education, power, and culture.
In this modality, the subjects imagine the environment as well, the "background" of the scene, thus operating in an allocentric reference frame.
According to the neuropsychological research [8-13], mental processes form a hierarchy of mental representations with maximally egocentric representations at the bottom and maximally allocentric representations at the top, progressively abstracting away from the particularities of the egocentric representations.
In contrast, an allocentric reference frame represents the coordinate system external to the body [28].
Gonzalez-Burgos, "Effects of selective estrogen receptor modulators on allocentric working memory performance and on dendritic spines in medial prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons of ovariectomized rats," Hormones and Behavior, vol.
(35) The neglected hemifield may be egocentric (defined relative to the head/trunk), allocentric (concerning spatial relationships between objects) or object-centred (half of individual objects are neglected).
(3) The Whorfian prediction for speakers of languages such as Mopan, in which intrinsic frames of reference are dominant in speech, is that mirror-image objects and arrays in allocentric space should be treated as similar or identical to one another (cf.