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Adj.1.Allogamous - relating to cross-fertilization in plantsallogamous - relating to cross-fertilization in plants
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Maize is considered the most studied allogamous species due to its great social and economic importance (GRIGULO et al.
Urpi and Solis (1980) described peach palm as an allogamous species and proposed the existence of a genetic self-incompatibility system.
Maize is a highly allogamous crop and can be successfully used for the exploitation of hybrids.
For DCA17 4 out of 5 cvs were as expected in such a predominantly allogamous plant as olive homozygotes.
Reproductive studies have revealed that a large number of plant species are allogamous or possess a mixed mating system that is predominantly allogamous (Gusson et al.
Quantitative resistance to Phytophthora infestans in potato: a case study for QTL mapping in an allogamous plant species.
The use of molecular markers is a powerful tool in the genetic study of populations, RAPD (Random Amplifies Polymorphic DNA) being suitable for the analysis of genetic diversity in natural populations of allogamous species (Ferreira and Grattapaglia, 1998).
Since sexual ruzi-, signal-, and palisadegrass and their hybrids have been shown to be allogamous and self-incompatible (Ngendahayo et al.