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(Botany) cross-fertilization in flowering plants
alˈlogamous adj


(əˈlɒg ə mi)

cross-fertilization in plants (opposed to autogamy).
al•log′a•mous, adj.
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Noun1.allogamy - cross-fertilization in plantsallogamy - cross-fertilization in plants  
cross-fertilisation, cross-fertilization - fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from different individual of the same species
autogamy - self-fertilization in plants
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On the other hand, the genetic variability of guava and araca due to the typical allogamy of these species is another reason to collect and test new genotypes, increasing the possibilities of finding new sources of resistance and compatibility of grafting.
Mossanek, Wendling, Koehler, and Zuffellato-Ribas (2014) mentioned that peach palm pollination happens through crosses, which also suggests allogamy.
Long- term allogamy makes it highly heterogeneous and consequently with broad genetic variation (Chen and Chen, 2012).
Although these species are classified as autogamous, some genotypes present allogamy rate which ranges from 2 to 90% (BOSLAND & VOTAVA, 2000), and some studies show benefits of pollinators presence (CRUZ et al.
05) fruit yield as a function of the cross-pollination in relation to self-pollination contradicts Weiss (1983), who stated that sesame is a predominantly autogamous species, which could only and possibly present allogamy above 10%.
The necessity of alfalfa cultivation could be attributed to changeable morphological and physiological features such as allogamy and autotetraploidy which determine alfalfa high forage yield (Radovic et al.