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al·lo·morph 1


al′lo·mor′phic adj.
al′lo·mor′phism n.

al·lo·morph 2

Any of the variant forms of a morpheme. For example, the phonetic (s) of cats (kăts), (z) of pigs (pĭgz), and (ĭz) horses (hôr′sĭz) are allomorphs of the English plural morpheme.

al′lo·mor′phic adj.
al′lo·mor′phism n.
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Adj.1.allomorphic - pertaining to allomorphs
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There is also allomorphic variation among numeral stems:--perani is realized as--rani when attached to the stem tsima--'two', and as--perani in the rest of the number words.
It is important to tackle this kind of analytic challenge so that discounting approaches can be applied to studying more complex, socially relevant, allomorphic choice contexts.
It is important to note that the Spanish verbal paradigm contains numerous cases of allomorphic variation or asymmetries that are not provoked by the stem or thematic vowel segment and are therefore irrelevant for the present analysis.
7]), onomasiologically adjacent with past participles, end in either of the two allomorphic variants -able or/and -ible.
front stem vowel in (16)) do not have an effect upon the endings for the various person slots: all endings are identical, except for the allomorphic variation /[?
Sibawayhi spends nine pages in his grammar al-Kitab describing the two -n's (1970, 2: 152-61), with much of the description devoted to the various allomorphic or variationist realizations of the light -n, including detailed discussion and criticism of the views of Yunus Ibn Habib (d.
inflected like adjectives in those varieties), the former showing allomorphic alternation (in Sawi probably subphonemic (Buddruss 1967, 13)) motivated by assimilation with the vowel quality of the latter.
Allomorphic relationships from hatching to 56 days in parental lines and F1 crosses of chickens selected over 27 generations for high or low BW.
This author distinguished isomorphic, allomorphic and metamorphic shoot developments.
In a short survey of the salient phonological and morphological characteristics of the language the author notes that Erzya could be said to feature a relatively productive morphological system "with ample allomorphic variation and regular affix-meaning cumulation, which might promote discussions in the definition of derivation versus declension and conjugation.
Although still incomplete, our results begin to tie together allomorphic changes, shifts in feeding ecology, and possibly population dynamics of Drymonema.
1989 "Isomorfnoje i allomormoje v rannem detskom dvujazycii" [Isomorphic and allomorphic features in early childhood bilingualism], in: Deseriev, Jurij D.