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 (ə-lŭnj′, ä-lôNzh′)
n. pl. al·longes (ə-lŭn′jĭz, ä-lôNzh′)
See rider.

[French, from allonger, to lengthen, from Old French alongier; see lunge.]
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1. fencing a lunging or thrusting move in fencing
2. archaic a lunge, thrust
vb (intr)
archaic to lunge


finance a piece of paper attached to the end of a document such as a bill of exchange or cheque in order to make room for writing endorsements when there is no more room on the document itself
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(əˈlʌndʒ; Fr. aˈlɔ̃ʒ)

n., pl. al•long•es (əˈlʌn dʒɪz; Fr. aˈlɔ̃ʒ)
rider (def. 4).
[1860–65; < French: lengthening]
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An 'apostille' is a certificate placed on the public document itself or on an allonge. It has the effect of certifying the origin of the public document.
La ligne laterale saisissante allonge visuellement le vehicule et s'harmonise parfaitement avec la ligne de toit.
She was then asked to approach the force plate down the runway in a sequence commonly seen during grand allegro: arms prepared by sweeping to premiere en bas and moving to first position; tombe with the leading arm moving to second position and pas de bouree with the non-leading arm moving to second position; glissade while the arms allonge and return to first position as the jump ends; and grand jete with the arms extending into third arabesque.
(95) The affidavit went on to say that plaintiff-lenders were in "exclusive possession of the original note and allonge (96) affixed thereto, indorsed to [the predecessor holder bank], and has not transferred same to any other person or entity." (97)
[...] pourquoi est-ce a cette place que tu es allonge? Bien entendu, ce n'est pas aupres d'Aristophane que tu t'es installe, ou de tout autre pareil farceur, de fait ou d'intention!
Pour la coupe du monde 2018, les groupes Qatari Bein Sports et francais TF1 ont allonge quelques 170 millions d'euros s'octroyer le droit de retransmettre les 64 matchs de la coupe de monde de football.
Hardly less radical was Matisse's patinated bronze statuette Nu allonge I (Aurore), conceived in 1907, an early lifetime cast of which stars in Phillips' 20th Century & Contemporary Art evening auction on 8 March (Fig.
calameli, canoini; petit flacon allonge avec lequel on prend des echantillons de vin par la bonde de futs"; al contempo, la (poiche, come "canto", e femminile in provenzale e non maschile) canto-bruno e anche il flauto silvestre, tipico del mondo rurale e soprattutto pastorale, come nella citazione riportata (19).