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 (ə-lŭnj′, ä-lôNzh′)
n. pl. al·longes (ə-lŭn′jĭz, ä-lôNzh′)
See rider.

[French, from allonger, to lengthen, from Old French alongier; see lunge.]
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1. fencing a lunging or thrusting move in fencing
2. archaic a lunge, thrust
vb (intr)
archaic to lunge


finance a piece of paper attached to the end of a document such as a bill of exchange or cheque in order to make room for writing endorsements when there is no more room on the document itself
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(əˈlʌndʒ; Fr. aˈlɔ̃ʒ)

n., pl. al•long•es (əˈlʌn dʒɪz; Fr. aˈlɔ̃ʒ)
rider (def. 4).
[1860–65; < French: lengthening]
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Des corps nus, pris dans des positions lascives; des corps recroquevilles, allonges et etires ; des corps grands et petits, reduits parfois a de simples visages, tantot clairs tantot flous.
(35) The amendments to the UCC's version of Article 3 "eliminate[d] outmoded requirements, including that allonges (indorsements) to notes be physically attached to the related instrument." (36) It is the archaic, ambiguous language in New York's unrevised Article 3 that creates issues when it comes to mortgage assignments--specifically the question of whether it is necessary to hold physical possession of the promissory note in order to be able to foreclose on the underlying mortgage.
Teaching the classical technique, according to Caminada & Aragao, (1) begins at the age of seven, in the first phase of the basic level of ballet, called "preliminary." At this stage, the child begins to learn the basic fundamentals of the technique, such as the en dehors, the five positions of the feet, the positions of the arms, arabesques and allonges, with the class being divided into bar, center and diagonal.
Correct copies of the note and all allonges to the note must be attached to the certification.
D'autres donnees diagnostiques comprennent 13 rayons dorsaux mous, 14 rayons mous a l'anale, une premiere dorsale relati-vement courte sans rayons allonges, 51-55 ecailles longitudi-nales, 17-18 eallies predorsales et une caudale lanceolee.
montre Denis Lavant et Julie Delpy allonges, nus, dans une clairiere;
(a) Each loan registered with the Registry shall be accompanied by copies of the note and the mortgage, together with copies of any mortgage assignments, note endorsements or allonges, and modification, substitution, or assumption agreements executed prior to registration of the loan with the Registry, if the registrant is a party to or possesses a copy of such documents.
La television locale a diffuse des images montrant des cadavres recouverts de couvertures et allonges a meme le sol sur une colline enneigee tandis que des gens se massaient autour d'eux en criant et en pleurant.